Monday, January 16, 2012

Breakfast Sandwich


When I have more than two minutes to devote to breakfast on a given morning, I love to make this simple egg sandwich. It's delicious, and healthy too!

 Breakfast Sandwich


2 large eggs (or 1/2 cup of Lucerne's Best of the Egg)
1/2 cup of spinach
1/4 cup salsa of your choice
1 English muffin
Grated Parmesan cheese (to sprinkle on top)
Salt and pepper to taste

First, prepare your eggs in a small saucepan on low heat, then set aside on another plate. Saute 1/2 cup of spinach in your saucepan until the leaves begin to shrivel to about half their original size. Toast an English muffin, then place the sauteed spinach on the bottom half of the muffin. Add the cooked egg on top and garnish with 1/2 cup of salsa, a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese and salt and pepper to your taste.

Plate and enjoy!

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  1. This looks delicious...I will have to make this in the morning. I've been hooked on spinach recently and have been adding it to Cute blog girl, I'm following. Hope you can stop by soon.

    xo erica

  2. Thanks Erica! Be sure to check back because I've got a great, simple recipe for a smoothie with spinach in it that I'll post in the next couple of days :)

  3. Yammy! That breackfast looks delicious!
    Fashionhypnotised girl

  4. This looks very yummy, getting me hungry.
    Lovely Blog.



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